Did you ever wonder how some hip-hop starts landed their big break? That question has baffled me for years now. Some of these musicians either show up too early, too late, or probably never should’ve been in the game at all.

The new Netflix “Rapture” documentary-series takes on some of those stories. The stories these artists tell are nothing short of inspirational. We all love a good comeback story or a tale of someone defying the odds. This series focuses on those that made it and the incredible story they have to tell. Here are the top five reasons to make “Rapture” your next binge-worthy Netflix series.

Reason 1: Logic

I’ll be the first to say I am not a huge Logic fan. His story though reached out to me in many different ways. I did not know he was bi-racial. I honestly did not know this about him. It may have been my ignorance but I am now educated on the matter and how he broke it down was spot on. Being a white kid who was also black, you don’t really know where you fall in and his music is a representation of his struggles to fit in. Also, being from Maryland it was dope to see a lot of the places he performed because I remember going to those places with my college buddies.

Reason 2: The Queensbridge Connection

Nas decided to put himself out there in his own document-series, which is cool, but it’s not just about him. Nas uses his story, to help tell the story of up and comer from his same side of the Q.B Dave East. How these two came to find each other was something surprisingly simple according to Dave East. When you watch it you’ll know what I mean, because if i tell you right here, you probably won’t watch it. Dave East and Nas have a weird sense of understanding each other being they’re from a similar part of Queens. Give it a look and you’ll see for sure. It was another dope story to be told.

Reason 3: T.I. Gets Real

T.I takes a different step with his segment. T.I digs deep into his culture and how current events have inspired his change in persona and his music. This segment was one of the 8 I looked forward to the most because at one point in time he was my favorite in the game. Tip has changed his music to be more educational than to express his rough and in your face style of rap. The people he interviews, while also being interviewed himself, shed light on how he was to change the world for his family as well as those effected by many of the events going on in our country. It was a different perspective and I was happy to hear how someone in his position lives and teaches his children about struggles of real life and how he can prove to be a stronger influence in his community. Different angle, but still the same effect in using his music platform to send a message of change.

Reason 4: 2 Chainz

Tity Boy is bigger than ever and now we get a more in depth look as to how he changed his persona to 2 Chainz. I wasn’t a huge fan at first, but the more I listen to his music the more I am starting come around. This proved to be one of the best segments in the docu-series. This one starts with the album release party for “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.” Some of the cameos are legit, starting with Swizz Beats and Skooly. After seeing this, the appreciation for how motivated to succeed he is hits really hard. Side note though, when you watch this one, look out for Trappy the dog. The dog is everywhere, Tity Boy can’t go anywhere without his dog.

Reason 5: Dig In Deep

If you are at all interested in the ever changing culture that is rap and hip hop, this is where you need to make your next time investment. Stories from being homeless, to getting a lucky break, or even how marijuana gets the creative juices going. It’s all there for you rap and hip hop fanatics. You will for sure get something out of every story. Even some of the artists I don’t particularly mess with, have something you can take from their story. A new found respect for the culture and the grind it is to be a successful artist through the eyes of the artist.

I loved everything about this docu-series. I had some issues with one or two of the stories because they got a little stale with how slow they were bringing along the artists’ vision, but once you see it all come full circle you will definitely love it. If you have a love of the genre and want to see how some of the people live their lives and how down to earth they really can be, you’ll be surprised. 2 Chainz performed in a flipping wheelchair because he didn’t want to let his fans down and he was extremely driven to succeed. Or even how Logic had to battle being a bi-racial artist in the game. Take the time and make this one your next binge-worthy must-see. One last thing, they give you an inside view of some of their concerts so if you were ever on the fence about seeing some of these artists you can make up your mind off what you see in the series.