SHE’S BACK!! Marvel Netflix Universe (or pretty much just NYC) has brought back Jessica Jones for its second season. The super strong private investigator is ready to get after some more booze and possibly take down another super villain. But, who will it be? The previews look dope if you haven’t seen it yet. Will we see more crossover, if so, who can Jessica call on? Will Luke Cage come back to the fray or dare I say, Daredevil? Here’s 5 reasons to be geeked out about the return of Jessica Jones.

Reason 1: Little Known Character W/ Big Impact

Jessica Jones burst on the scene a little over two years ago and slowly but surely caught everyone’s attention. Daredevil set the tone, and she had some big shoes to fill because the first season of Daredevil was and still is AWESOME. We we introduced to Luke Cage as well, through Jessica. She was a real person, with REAL issues and just happens to have super strength. She’s going to have another tough one this season as well.

Reason 2: Krysten Ritter

She’s got something about her. I can’t quite explain it, but I can’t imagine anyone else playing this role. From her attitude, to the way she cuts anyone and everyone down. She’s made this character relevan

Reason 3: Who Is Jessica Jones, Really?

How did she get her powers? We saw how Killgrave was able to manipulate her to do his bidding. Now that she’s past that part of her life, does she drown in her misery or does she come out with a purpose and try to help the people of Hell’s Kitchen. I know only as much as this show has given me about Jessica Jones. I was not familiar with her comic series, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less important in the Marvel universe. “Show us who you are!”

Reason 4: Is Killgrave Really Gone?

Me personally, even with what happened at the end of the first season, i think Killgrave is going to show up in some way, shape or form. Dude was RUTHLESS! I know we all loved Erik Killmonger, but Killgrave set the tone in regards to a ruthless villain. Not as relatable, but I could see why a villain of his caliber would be evil just for the fun of it.

Reason 5: All The Episodes Are Directed By Women

This is something to brag about if your Netflix or Marvel. With this #Timesup movement they decided to put up and give the opportunity to all women. That’s something to really pat yourself on the back for. I for one am excited to see how they hold up. Their talents showcased in this season could lead to many more opportunities. Show us your talents ladies, we are eager to see how you have in store.

Jessica Jones is ready for her second stint. She’s got some demons she has to deal with and work passed now that Killgrave is gone (or is he?) I remember being really skeptical about the first season, but once I got into it, the show was a pleasant surprise. It was not handcuffed by a rating and was really good about reaching to its older fanbase. With ‘Defenders’ behind us, and the introduction of The Punisher, Jessica Jones is on deck. Let’s see if she can build on the success of the first season. Make sure to check it out on Netflix right now!