Rapper/radio personality Nelly has announced plans to put together and release a new St. Lunatics album by November.

While an official date has not yet been declared, Nelly did explain why it has taken nearly a decade to drop a follow-up to the Lunatics’ Free City debut.

“A lot of y’all been following us,” Nelly said in an interview. “You know the history. Our first album was called Free City, in honor of my little brother [City Spud] who was locked up right before we dropped Country Grammar.He wasn’t with us, and we dropped the first Lunatic album. We didn’t want to do another Lunatic album until he came out. We kinda got crossed up with that, ’cause we were hoping almost every year it would be the year he got out. Had we known he wouldn’t get out till nine years later, obviously, we would have done another Lunatic album. But my brother is free now.” (MTV)

Last month, ex-St. Lunatic Slo Down called out Nelly over unpaid dues.

“I might f*ck around and get emotional talkin’ about all how that money was getting’ split up, sh*t was crazy,” he said. “N*ggas was eatin’ and I wasn’t one of them n*ggas. I was snackin’… I was lunchin’, havin’ lunch every now and then, and n*ggas was havin’ four course meals and ain’t have sh*t to do with sh*t…Whatever we did Nelly got half of that sh*t, and the rest of the group split that up…And when it came to splitting the money I wasn’t part of the rest of the group…I ain’t write no lyrics or nuthin but…I brought more to the stage show, [and] to the image.” (XXL Mag)

Nelly later came forward and confronted the harsh words.

“Well first of all, the St. Lunatics were together way before Slo Down,” Nelly said in an interview. “You see what I’m saying? That’s what people don’t understand. We were way before Slo Down. By the time we met Slo Down, we almost had a deal with Universal. You see what I’m saying? People need to know the history because you do get some people [saying], ‘Oh, how could you do him like that?’ Well, let me give you the history. St. Lunatics have been together since ’93 — we probably got up around Slo Down around ’97…When it stops becoming an opportunity and you start relying on someone to help you make something of yourself, now here you have a situation to where you had someone in a group — they didn’t write music, that wouldn’t even come to the studio to hear the music getting made, you wouldn’t hang out in there — and you made a substantial amount of money, which is unbelievable, to basically be on-stage for an hour and not rap a word…Ain’t nobody bought a ticket to see this man at a show, ain’t nobody bought a CD to hear this man say words that he didn’t even say, it’s not even rap, ain’t nobody bought Apple Bottom line because of him — you didn’t even sell the mask…” (Music Choice)

Free City dropped in 2001 and debuted at No. 3 on the Top 200 chart.

Free City is the debut studio album by hip-hop group St. Lunatics. It was released on June 5, 2001, almost a full year after the release of group member Nelly’s debut, Country Grammar. The album was successful, eventually going platinum. (Wikipedia)

An actual release date has not yet been revealed.

Check out St. Lunatics’ “Midwest Swing” music video down below: