St. Louis rapper Nelly is making sure his pops and every fan knows the importance of staying true to daddy duties. The hip-hop veteran has singled out his dad for never looking out for him and revealed he’s reached a boiling point.

This weekend, Nelly hopped on Instagram and had plenty of smoke for his estranged day one.

According to past reports, Nelly stuck with his mom after a divorce forced him outside of St. Louis.

Cornell Haynes Sr. is the father of rapper Nelly, who stars on his own reality show Nellyville with his family. Nelly was born in Austin, Texas, where his father was serving in the military. When Nelly was 7 years old, his parents got divorced and Nelly moved away with his mother. They moved from inner city St. Louis to suburban University City, Missouri when Nelly became a teenager. (Heavy)

A few years ago, the hip-hop artist talked about the estranged relationship with his dad.

“My father led by fear. I did what my father said ’cause I was scared of getting my ass beat. His voice rang so vividly in my head… that it was just… a fear. That’s the important thing that reinstated my love for him, was his admittance of, ‘You are f*cked up (because of bad parenting).’ Just the fact that he’s being a way better grandfather to my kids, being there, taking them places, doing things with them, stuff that he never did with me. I love my father, I love him more today than I ever loved him ever. Ever.” (VH1)