R&B singer Ne-Yo‘s new R.E.D. album should have no problem landing on the sales chart in seven days with opening week estimates up to 55,000 copies.

While not expected to top the chart, the LP’s first-week estimates should land him in the Top 10.

Capitol’s Now 44 looks set to move 95-105k, while Aerosmith’s new one on Columbia should do 70-80k. Ne-Yo (Motown) appears set to ramp up 50-55k for his brand of R&B/pop, Third Day (Provident) will probably see 25-30k, and Razor & Tie‘s All That Remains should scare up 20-25k. (HITS Daily Double)

The award-winning singer got slammed last month for allegedly jacking his album cover.

“Yooooooo @NeYoCompound Why are you ripping off my cover bro? That anit it. You got enough money, can’t your team create their own ideas?,” New York rapper Donny Goines tweeted October 18th.

“Neyo @NeYoCompound Fair Warning. Change your cover or I’m bombing you. R&B n!ggas can get it too.”

“I bet you @NeYoCompound thinks I’m playing. [email protected] Contact me. Let’s talk like men. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding…”

“If not, I’m gonna take it as plagiarism. Don’t worry, no lawsuits though @NeYoCompound I’m just going to embarrass you on a record is all.” (Donny Goines’ Twitter)

Back in May, Ne-Yo addressed negative feedback from him using the same title as rapper Game’s 2011 album.

R&B megastar Ne-Yo says he’s NOT GUILTY of stealing the title of his upcoming album R.E.D. from The Game … even though Game released his R.E.D. album last year. “No … I don’t feel like I ripped off The Game’s album,” Ne-Yo told us at LAX … insisting he carefully selected the name of his album (which stands for Realizing Every Dream) because he felt it had a good fit … not because he was trying to copy the rapper. FYI — Game’s R.E.D. album debuted #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. “Until The Game comes up to me and says he has a problem with it, I don’t care what people think.” … Ne-Yo said. He also points out that he’s not the first artist to inadvertently use another artist’s album title — “Jay-Z did The Blueprint and so did KRS-One.” (TMZ)

Over the spring, he spoke to SOHH about placing singing over rapping.

“I am in no shape, form or fashion trying to become a rapper,” Ne-Yo promised SOHH. “My lane is R&B, my lane is singing and writing. That’s what I do. Rap is something I do when I’m in the studio and just wilding out, having fun. I’ll mess around with it but don’t expect to hear a Ne-Yo rap album coming anytime soon. I do what I do.” (SOHH)