R&B singer Ne-Yo‘s ex-girlfriend Jesseca White reportedly wants him to dig into his pockets and pay up for damages he has caused after publicly calling her out on a VH1 television show.

According to reports, White feels her image was destroyed at the hands of Ne-Yo.

A woman who once claimed Ne-Yo was her baby daddy is suing the rapper, claiming he defamed her by trashing her on a TV show. Jesseca White claims in her lawsuit … Ne-Yo went on VH1 and painted her as “an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child … so that she could fraudulently bilk him of ‘ungodly amounts of money.'” Jesseca and Ne-Yo used to bang. Jesseca had a kid in 2005 and she listed Ne-Yo as the daddy on the birth certificate. A paternity test proved otherwise. (TMZ)

Jesseca also claims there are various distasteful names she cannot avoid thanks to the hitmaker’s comments.

Jesseca alleges she told Ne-Yo at the time she gave birth she wasn’t sure he was the father, but Ne-Yo went on VH1 and claimed she tried to aggressively defraud him. As a result of the show — which was a “Behind the Music” about Ne-Yo — Jesseca says people have called her all sorts of names, including “c**t,” “bitch,” “pathetic” and “gold-digging bitch.” She also claims her career as a photog and a graphic designer has been torpedoed. Jesseca is suing for unspecified damages. (TMZ)

Back in 2009, Ne-Yo paid White over $500,000 in a settlement agreement over her son.

Well, you see, Ne-Yo used to date Jesseca White. During their time together, Jesseca had a baby which Ne-Yo initially thought was his … not the case. The pair reached a settlement agreement in 2009 in which Ne-Yo paid $575,000 to Jesseca White, who in turn officially said that the kid wasn’t his. Ne-Yo’s name was removed from the birth certificate, too. (The Hollywood Gossip)

Prior to having his first child three years ago, the singer talked about his fear of becoming a father.

“I’m going to have my first child in January. I’m terrified, I’m gonna be all the way honest. I’ve never seen myself as a father, you know what I mean? I knew eventually I would get married and have kids and all of that stuff. By the way, the marriage rumors aren’t true. Let’s clear that up. I’m not engaged, I’m not to be married. But the baby rumor is true…My mom was my mom and my dad. I didn’t need the male role model. I figure if I do it the way my mom did it, then my kid is going to be fine.” (CNN)