Social media is coming for singer Ne-Yo‘s throat. After the R&B icon spoke and performed at the funeral of slain innocent black man George Floyd, fans have been going at him for his words.

Ne-Yo x Floyd

After Ne-Yo said Floyd was a sacrifice so his children can live a better life in the future, social media unloaded on him with non-stop jokes. People took personal offense at Ne-Yo not realizing Floyd was killed at the hands of law enforcement instead of willingly giving his life.

“I just want to personally thank George Floyd for his sacrifice, so that my kids can be all right later on.” – Ne-Yo

High-Key Details

The singer ignored all backlash and went to Twitter to thank Floyd’s family for letting him be a part of the ceremony. He noted how hard and emotional it was being up on stage.

“Thanx to the family of #GeorgeFloyd for allowing me to be a part of celebrating his life and saying our final goodbye. It’s hard to sing thru real tears so please forgive any bad notes. The love this man’s family and community have for him is literally soul shaking.” -Ne-Yo’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Ne-Yo sang a beautiful rendition of the classic “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” track at the Houston funeral as well.

Before You Go

The life of Floyd was celebrated by family and friends Tuesday in Texas. The final three-state and five-day service for the Houston native ended with a televised service. That afternoon, a broadcast went live showing people coming to a Houston church to pay respect to Floyd. Family members reportedly broke down in tears as they approached his casket.

Thousands of mourners, including longtime friends and family members, gathered for the final funeral services at The Fountain of Praise church. Many wore black face coverings and sat apart in the pews as pallbearers brought Floyd’s gold-colored casket up the aisle. (ABC News)