After footage landed online showing Paris Hilton getting up close and personal with Ne-Yo at a Las Vegas show, SOHH hit up the R&B hitmaker to find out if he has found some new summer love.

Despite the gossip and rumor blogs, Ne-Yo said Paris’ on-stage appearance was a matter of coincidence.

“Shout-out to Paris Hilton, [laughs], that’s the homie,” Ne-Yo told SOHH. “I was in Vegas, I was performing and she was there, and I saw her and pulled her on stage. And that’s what it was. She’s cool people though. I don’t know Paris well enough to be like, ‘Yeah! This and that…’ but I know I was in Vegas, she was in Vegas, and I seen her in the crowd and pulled her on-stage, she didn’t have to come on stage so I gotta give her a shout-out for even doing that. I’m cool with her as far as that goes and yeah, we’re cool people. She looked like she was having a good time before she got on stage so once she got on stage, it was an even better time. It was all good.” (SOHH)

Paris also spoke on her vibrant encounter with Ne-Yo via Twitter.

Hilton later posted on Twitter: “So amazing last night when Ne-Yo took me onstage during his performance of my favourite song Miss Independent. I love when lyrics ring true.” (Hindustan Times)

Details on what took place began to circulate online throughout the week.

Paris Hilton did a medley of sexy dancing for Ne-Yo as he sung Miss Independent to Paris Hilton on stage in Vegas. According to a source Paris Hilton almost mooned the crowd with her dancing. “Paris performed a rather raunchy routine which involved pulling her short gold and black dress up and almost showing her backside to the audience at the Las Vegas club.” (Global Grind)

Aside from the rumors, Ne-Yo is currently putting together his new album, Libra Scale.

As you may know, Ne-Yo is dropping a new album called Libra Scale this summer, and the first single from it is a Euro-dance track called “Beautiful Monster.” Well, yours truly didn’t like “Beautiful Monster” one bit, and was almost ready to boycott the album, to be honest. But now Ne-Yo’s gone and dropped another, much catchier single called “Champagne Life,” and I’m (almost) back on the bandwagon again. The song’s a Michael Jackson-esque tune about enjoying the type of life where “trouble is a bubble in a champagne glass” and “dreams and reality are one and the same.” Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale isn’t due out until Sept. 21, but you can stream his “Champagne Life” now. (About R&B/Soul)

Check out footage of Ne-Yo & Paris Hilton’s dance below: