Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy‘s girlfriend isn’t here for the domestic violence speculation. The hip-hop artist’s bae Jania has come forward to simmer leaked violent footage of her hotel altercation with YB.

In a live video recording, Jania called the attack nothing more than a little rough play.

“I was pulling him. That’s just us. That’s how we like to play. And, um, Kentrell always asks me if I’m ready to go home. He always asks me. ‘Nia, you ready to go home?’ I don’t wanna go home. I like being with him. So, if I was being held under my will, wouldn’t that mean that he’s didn’t ask me that? Kentrell asks me that all the time. So kidnap? F*ck no. Nobody getting kidnapped. Has he ever put his hands on me? F*ck no. Do we play a lot? F*ck yeah. We 18. We’re 18. What do y’all expect? What do y’all expect? So yeah. Mind y’all business. Get y’all some business. Think what the f*ck y’all want, nah, don’t think what the f*ck y’all want because y’all making false allegations. Yeah. We good. I promise y’all that.”

A few hours ago, a disturbing clip went viral of allegedly NBA YoungBoy and Jania getting physical in a hotel hallway.

Earlier in the day, reports surfaced about NBA YB getting locked up after a Saturday (February 24) night run-in with law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops stopped YoungBoy’s tour bus — we don’t know why — but they got on, ran the rapper’s record and discovered he was a fugitive from Georgia for allegedly committing assault, weapons violations and kidnapping. The 18-year-old rapper has had lots of legal trouble … he wrecked a Lambo, among other things. He was also arrested for a case connected to a series of shootings in Baton Rouge, LA back in 2016. He was also accused of firing a weapon during a drive-by shooting. (TMZ)

#NBAYoungBoy arrested in Tallahassee. (Swipe Left)

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Some reports claim YoungBoy won’t appear before a judge until tomorrow.

At the moment NBA Youngboy is held without bond, but he is expected to appear in front of a judge this week for his bond hearing. We will continue to update the story as more details develop. (NHHN)