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NBA YoungBoy + Kodak Black Look Almost Unrecognizable In Flashback Friday Childhood Pics

Written By Rosario Harper

NBA YoungBoy and Kodak Black
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Florida rapper Kodak Black and NBA YoungBoy‘s pasts have the Internet’s full attention. Throwback pics of the overnight rap rivals have surfaced online and have them looking almost unrecognizable.

Big Facts

This week, a side by side comparison pic emerged across social media. One pic features NBA taking a bathroom selfie while the other shows Black holding onto a pistol.

High-Key Details

Last weekend, YoungBoy went on a huge social media rant. The rap star lit up Black after weighing in on his girlfriend Iyanna Mayweather‘s Saturday morning arrest.

“Watch me from a jail cell, man. This n*gga watching me from a jail cell and on my d*ck so bad, n*gga. N*gga b*tches – ain’t never paid attention to a n*gga especially from no motherf*cking cell, n*gga. The f*ck a n*gga watching me for? Then a n*gga said I cooperated about what you stupid b*tch? About my wife? You talking about this girl right here? My wife? You talking about my wife? Inside my house that I paid for? Not her b*tch a** daddy?” -NBA YoungBoy’s Instagram Live

Wait, There’s More

Hours prior, Kodak went to his social media pages with direct YoungBoy shade. Initially, Black shared his reaction to boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s daughter Iyanna getting arrested on an assault charge for allegedly attacking NBA’s baby mother.

The Hell They Mean Fully Cooperated LOL They ain’t Say A Lil Piece Bih They Say Fully Bih LOL Anyways Man That Word Aint Even Posed To Be Attached To Your Name @nba_youngboy . Dam Lil Bra Don’t Do Dat Lil Girl Like Dat Man! Don’t Do That Lil Girl Like Dat! I Mean I’m Locked Up, But This Sh*t Got It Lookin Like If It Was Some Otha Sh*t YOU’LL TELL SOMETHING.. This Sh*t Make Like U Was Scared Dem Ppl Was Gone Try Charge U Wit It Or Something So U SCREAMED..Dat Ain’t Da Drip Man U Kno We Don’t Holla @ Dem Ppl! One Of Dem N*ggaz Inna Hize Wit U Coulda Talk To Dem Folks B4 U Did Cuz U Don’t Kno Sh*t Smh Where Ya Coach Was @nba_youngboy Smh I See Ima Have To Write U A Letter And Tie Yo Shoes Fa U Lil Bra. Free @ZodakRedd -Kodak Black’s Instagram

Kodak Black voices his opinion on the Yaya Mayweather incident

“I Took Every Punch And Rolled Wit It And When I Was Down They Kicked Me. Had Me Lookin Up From Da Canvas Like Was Da Love Even Real⁉️ Dam I Cant Wait To Get Up So I Can Swing Again. I Kno God Gone Give Me All My Energy Back. I Deserve To Get My Swings In, I Deserve To Win. I Took A Lot Of Losses, Went Thru A lot Of Sh*t, Endured So Much Pain That By The Time The Betrayal Came It Knocked The Wind Out Of Me 😵🥊 But When I Turn’Roun And See My Family And My SniperGirlz In My Corner I Kno Who and What I’m Fighting For..God See How Everyone Has Been Treating Me, He Gone Make Sure I Land On My Feet At Da End ; They Gone Beat They Self Up..The First Come Last Come First, I Lay Back In Da Maybach And Let Sh*t Play Out 💤”

“ya ya is not having it 😆” -50 Cent’s Instagram

News reports emerged that Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna had been arrested

Before You Go

According to reports, YaYa’s bust went down last Saturday morning. Floyd’s mini-me Iyanna landed a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Iyanna Mayweather is currently in Houston’s Harris County jail after getting arrested at 1:30 AM Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the alleged victim and NBA Youngboy were at his home when Iyanna arrived and told the woman, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, she was Youngboy’s fiancee and Jacobs should leave the house. Jacobs then told Iyanna to leave. (TMZ)

Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna was said to have caught NBA Youngboy with another girl

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Written by Rosario Harper

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