Former NBA superstar Dikembe Mutombo has a thing or two to say about the drama Fox News host Laura Ingraham sparked last week over her low-key racist comments toward Cleveland Cavaliers leader LeBron James. The basketball legend has come forward to provide a take on the headline-generating situation.

In a new interview, Mutombo ultimately sided with King James and suggested Ingraham shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss other people’s opinions.

“I think everyone in the U.S. has rights to express themselves. When there’s a problem affecting one part of the society, it becomes the responsibility of everybody.” We then asked if LeBron should continue to weigh in on political topics — and Dikembe told us it should be a team effort. “Everyone, not just LeBron … everyone.” (TMZ)

A few days ago, both LeBron and Laura went at each other on their social media pages.

LeBron’s former teammate Dwyane Wade has referenced Ingraham’s offensive comments.

In her TV segment, Laura took personal offense to LeBron making a political statement about President Donald Trump.