[With NBA 2K17 less than a month away from arriving on store shelves, SOHH spoke to NBA 2K Senior Producer Rob Jones about the franchise ability to collaborate with high-profile musicians including Jay Z, who executive produced NBA 2K13.]

I think our collaborations coming from multiple things. We’ll know somebody and we’ll know they’re a fan of what we’re doing and we’re the same as any other entertained person.

We’re fans of somebody’s music while we’re playing our video game all day long. When you reach out and you’re like, “Hey, can we collaborate on this stuff?” A lot of times those guys are very happy and obviously there’s a business side to it as well.

I find it beneficial to all of us that we’re doing things.

We reached out to Jay Z and when we talked to him, there were certain terms that he thought he wanted us to abide by and he just kind of was like, “Hey, if I’m going to do it, I want to make sure it’s done right. I want to make sure I get approval over all of the things I’m seeing.”

We were like, “Yes!” On the creative side, we make a great game. We can’t say that we are artistically and musically inclined to create a visual product or an audio product that people are going to want to purchase but I think it was just a perfect marriage.

NBA 2K17 finally hits stores Tuesday, September 20th.