[With a highly-anticipated NBA 2K17 arriving in a couple weeks, NBA 2K’s Senior Producer Rob Jones talks to SOHH about previously landing in-game cameos from Wale and Justin Bieber to rap icon Jay Z.]

When we work with certain artists or celebrities, you’ve got a couple things. They’re happy to be involved in the game and then sometimes we’re like, “Hey, we know you go to these games, do you want your character in the game?”

Because of the fact a lot of them play NBA 2K, they’re really open to that opportunity.

The celebrities own their own images and so it’s more of a thing where we talk to them and find out if they’re interested in being in and if they are, they just go in.

Justin Bieber was in the game a few years back. That’s all from relationships and sometimes they’re calling us because they like the game so much they want to be involved.

We obviously see a benefit from it too. You’ll realize Wale was in the crowd [at Washington Wizards games] and then you’re looking like, “Wow, I can’t believe they actually put him in the game.”

The funny part is I can see Wale right now, the second the game comes out like, “Look, I’m in the crowd!” It’s beneficial to all the parties involved.

I don’t really do the music stuff, that’s really more in the marketing guys’ hands and so it could come down to what’s the relationship between 2K and Lil B.

Nothing is impossible.

NBA 2K17 finally hits stores Tuesday, September 20th.