Today is officially National Law Enforcement Day but the hip-hop community is staying extra quiet. In celebration of the annual event, SOHH‘s put together five hip-hop classics aimed directly at the boys in blue.

1 – N.W.A.’s “F**k Tha Police”

If there’s one song that speaks directly to law enforcement, look no further than N.W.A.’s standout classic addressing their issues with cops’ aggression toward the black community.

2 – KRS-One’s “Sound of da Police”

Rap pioneer KRS-One doesn’t mince words when it comes toward the cops. On this record, the “Teacher” compares law enforcement to an overseer of field slaves.

3 – Nas’ “Cops Shot The Kid

In 2018, New York rap veteran Nas reminded everyone why Colin Kaepernick kneels – police brutality is still alive and “Cops Shot The Kid” serves as a constant reminder.

4 – JAY-Z’s “99 Problems

JAY-Z put everyone up on game about his encounter with law enforcement for giving 55 in a 54 and also reminded listeners to keep the glove compartment locked and the trunk in the back.

5 – Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer”

Not everything has to be negative, right? Fortunately, Lil Wayne used his “Mrs. Officer” banger to let people know a little love could come as a result of being around the cops.