Houston rapper Scarface has revealed plans to link up with fellow hip-hop veteran Nas to lay down bars on an upcoming joint project. #NasMob

According to Face Mob, money is not holding back a collaborative effort alongside Nasir Jones.

“I talk to Nas probably about once or twice a month,” Scarface revealed in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Maybe more than that. We always talk about doing an album together and sh*t but you know, I know, we’re probably 99.999 it’s gonna happen. Wait, wait, wait, but wait. 99.99999, it can happen and it probably will happen but where and who puts that sh*t out is the debate. You feel me? Me and Nas are definitely in talks. It’s not even a money thing with it, it’s like some sh*t that’s got to be done. We’ve been talking about this for ten years or more.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)

Aside from the celebration of his Illmatic 20th anniversary album, Nasir Jones revealed a few other projects he had deck last winter.

“It’s like I gave myself a 40th birthday present 20 years ago,” the rapper says. “It gives me a reference piece to look at myself and for me to analyze my life and what i’ve come from; my accomplishments; my dreams.” There’s also a new album, which the rapper said will be out “sometime in 2014,” but declined to give any further details. Asked if the nostalgic year means fans may finally see a release of the long-awaited, shelved, Lost Tapes 2 album, Nas brought it back to the show. “After Illmatic comes fresh new music. Right now my new show is a visual Lost Tapes 2, 3, 4, 5 and then some.” (Rolling Stone)

Last October, Nas said he decided to fall back on announcing his forthcoming project’s title because it felt too premature.

“I got a little busy, and I wasn’t sure it was really a real fit for the record. It felt like I came up with it too easy. And I like that because “Life Is Good” came up on its own. It just popped in my head. So the next title came up in a similar way, but it was probably too early.” (Huffington Post)

Recently, hip-hop producer DJ Premier revealed Nas’ final Def Jam requirement was the biggest hurdle standing in the way of a joint effort’s release.

“It’s coming,” Premier promised in an interview. “I just saw him last week. It’s coming. He has another project to drop on Def Jam, then he’s a free agent. Let him get that out. It’ll give me time to get my artists ripped and ready. Then we can all tour together or something.” (WM40A)


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