Rap veteran Nas has partnered up with iconic movie company Sony Pictures’ marketing team for a new Ghostbusters fashion collection.

According to reports, Nasty Nas has curated a spring collection by piecing together various high-profile brands including his own clothing line.

Nas x Ghostbusters is teaming up with six brands, covering streetwear (featuring Nas’ personal clothing line, HSTRY), caps (New Era), footwear (FILA), headphones (Monster), eyewear (Italia Independent), and bikes (Tokyobike). The collection will also be sold at Ron Herman in Los Angeles. To celebrate the collaboration, a launch event will be hosted by Nas at the flagship Ron Herman Melrose store on May 14.

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Earlier this month, Nas defended his decision not to rush out a long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Life Is Good album.

And even though it’s been four years since Nas last released an album, he’s not rushing the process. “I’m letting the music dictate [the direction]. Words can’t explain that,” Nas said of his next album. “It’s going to be a fun Nas album.” (Complex)

West Coast rapper Game revealed some pics of himself and Nasty Nas on his Instagram page last week.

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Nas recently invested in a protein bar company called Exo.

The company just closed a $4 million round of Series A funding led by Accel Foods — including Nas — bringing its total funding to $5.6 million. Exo cofounders Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis started experimenting with cricket-based food when they were seniors at Brown University, after reading a United Nations report that said eating insects could help combat world hunger. (Business Insider)