Nas Receives A True Hip-Hop Ruler’s Blessing At New Restaurant Opening

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New York rapper Nas is feeling the love. The hip-hop veteran received some ample support for the opening of his newest Sweet Chick restaurant.

Nasty Nas went to Instagram Sunday (April 8) to share an epic moment from last night’s opening celebration with hip-hop icon Slick Rick.

In August 2017, rap rookie Dave East pulled through at one of Nas’ Los Angeles spots.

Last year, Nas had heavily promoted the Sweet Chick spot.

Back in June 2015, Nasir Jones linked up with Sweet Chick to nationally expand the brand.

Sweet Chick, a New York City restaurant specializing in chicken and waffles, has teamed with local rap legend Nas to help boost the brand to the national stage. Co-owner John Seymour made the announcement at a one-year anniversary party for the restaurant’s second location, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (the original is in Brooklyn). (Billboard)


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  1. No one represents their Borough of New York City more Nas! This is totally KIng Shit! If Nas is not the King of New York than who is? Dude represents harder than any NY nukka… that is famous… Real F Talk! The GOAT

  2. My man NAS, i want a new album too but unlike jay z Nas don’t need to put out an album every month to stay irrelevant he’s Irrelevant in the hood and that’s all that really matters… and that’s why he’s the goat.

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