New York rapper Nas might have some new tunes in the stash. The hip-hop veteran has teased fans with a possible in-studio pic.

Last night, God’s Son blessed his millions of Instagram followers with caption-less pic of himself in – presumably – a recording studio.

Over the past few days, various hip-hop veterans have paid homage to Nas on his Illmatic debut album’s 25-year anniversary.

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Running time…39 minutes, 43 seconds. Before the days of Uber, in the 90s at @nccueagle, each crew has its own personal “Uber driver”, whether he or she wanted to be or not. if your peoples let you bring a car to school, you were already strapped with certain responsibilities by the crew. On THIS day, it was a ride to record store. 5 deep. We decided to go to Willie’s Records and Tapes in Crabtree Mall to buy Wu-Tang affiliate Shyheim The Rugged Child’s debut album. His single “On & On” had been played around the dorm for months by all of the New York kids, so we had to have it. At the same time, a very young Nas was being played as well (It Ain’t Hard To Tell), but not with as much fanfare, being the fact Wu-Tang’s debut “36 Chambers” was hot off the press in the Fall Of 1993. Even Large Professor Of @xplargepro told us about the coming Nas on “Midnight Marauders” in November of 1993 when he said “Rapper Nas on Topic”. Still, it slid by us, so off the store. We picked up Shyheim immediately. One of my boys said, ”aye man that dude Nas got his album over here.”. So, I picked it up, looked at the back and said…”man it’s SHORT…it’s got 10 songs..and this CD is 15 dollars….”. I just got a refund check, so I was splurging anyway….lol…so both CDs was purchased. It was a long ride back to campus, so we had time to quickly review both albums. First UP….Shyheim. We thought it was dope, but cool. My boy Ben Dawson said., ”Put that Nas in…”. BLOWN. AWAY. I started reading the credits on production by the time I heard “Life’s A Bitch”. @djpremier 3 times. @realpeterock once. @qtiptheabstract once. LES once…and Large Professor..(you got PETE aaaaannnd Premier on your debut album?) The stories were vivid, the backdrop was perfect…one KILLER feature in @quietazmoney; and as soon as it ended you could easily say, “RUN IT BACK”. It became the “Kind Of Blue” of our generation; arguably the best Debut album ever, of any genre, and the Rosetta Stone for every solo rap debut since, with the iconic album cover. Happy 25th Anniversary to Hip-Hop’s quintessential perfect album, @nas’s “ILLMATIC” released on this day 4/19/94

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Prior to the shout-outs, Nas went to Instagram to toot his own horn.