New York rapper Nas knows how to heal wounds. The hip-hop veteran has come through with the low-key goodie bag for former one-time rap foe Cam’ron.

Killa Cam went to his Instagram Story last night (June 24) to salute Nas for sending him a pair of his recent Timberland Legends Club boots.

In December 2017, Cam asked fans to help him pick out a pair of Timbs to rock.

Last year, Nas officially released his Timberlands collection and shared pics from the launch party.

@timberland @footlocker event NYC Sept 19.

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Back in 2009, Cam addressed why he found himself in publicized rap feuds ranging from Nas and 50 Cent to JAY-Z.

“I’m not making up fake, imaginary beefs,” Cam said. “I’m not just jumping out for beef for no reason. When I went at Jay-Z, it was a lot of inside stuff that went on at Roc-A-Fella that we don’t need to go in to…There’s been a lot of times that I been wanting to do something but couldn’t because of Dame [Dash]. The 50 Cent thing, look you dissing, I took it as Jim [Jones] and Diplomats. Whoever else you could think of, Nas. The Nas situation. You got on the radio and said that Cam and [Funkmaster] Flex is ugly and Angie Martinez and N.O.R.E., whoever’s wack. It wasn’t because I attacked any of these people, it’s kinda all on defense, it’s always something that somebody did to me first.” (Miss Info)