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Nas Low-Key Addresses Lonzo Ball Beef: “This Older Guy Gets Mad At The New Guy. Or ‘Nas Ain’t Hip-Hop. Migos & Future Are Hip-Hop'”

Written By Biz Jones

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New York rapper Nas wants fans to see the bigger picture. The hip-hop veteran has stepped forward to remind supporters about the importance of rap unity.

This past weekend, Nasty Nas lit up his Instagram page with a lengthy open message about the hip-hop community needing to embrace both new and old school musicians.


Back in December, NBA superstar LeBron James trolled Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball by playing Nas’ music during a pre-game workout.

Weeks prior, Lonzo sparked attention after calling out Nas’ relevance.

It started a couple months ago when Ball said, “nobody listens to Nas anymore.” Look, he’s right — it’s not like “Illmatic” or “Life Is Good” is banging with the youths right now. But at the same time, we can acknowledge that Nas is a hip-hop legend and probably deserves more respect than Ball gave him right there, even if he’s only a 20-year-old kid. (SB Nation)

The same week, both Nas and fellow rap veteran Pete Rock trolled Lonzo after his Lakers fell short to their hometown Knicks.



Written by Biz Jones

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