New York rapper Nas is keeping busy music-making and hanging out with Hollywood veterans. This weekend, the hip-hop artist hooked up with former HBO โ€œThe Wireโ€ actor Hassan Johnson.

Last night, Nasty Nas went to Instagram with a shot of Johnson alongside his brother Jungle.

Nas recently tossed up a couple new pics and promised he had a fan-inspired song in the works.

Earlier this month, Nas hooked up with music hitmaker DJ Khaled and rap star Travis Scott.

In a recent interview, Nasty Nas teased the idea of fresh tunes arriving this summer.

Another beat played, and Nas nodded his head. โ€œOh, this is a knockout,โ€ he said. โ€œThis is dope,โ€ Mr. Seymour added. โ€œWe coming this summer, baby!โ€ Nas yelled. โ€œItโ€™s going to be a hot summer up here, man!โ€ (New York Times)