[With Nas’ Mass Appeal Records his new home, New York native Dave East talks to SOHH readers about being classified as the ‘New School’ and as a symbol for the ‘new’ New York rap scene.]

I feel like I’m just doing me. I’m not with the whole, “The new New York rappers,” or none of that new school type of stuff. To me, that’s kind of corny because you’re putting yourself in a box.

I feel like I can rap with Jadakiss and all of them older dudes. I don’t just think I’m new. Of course I’m new to the game but I don’t want to be put in that box.

I spit and I’m Dave East. I don’t want to have that title. I don’t want to be the new New York rapper or the new Harlem rapper.

Just coming from Harlem, I don’t want to say I’m arrogant, I just feel like with what I’m doing, nobody is going to tell my story like I can tell it.

With that alone, I’m going to seem a little more cocky. From day one, that’s always been instilled in me. When I was balling, I didn’t want to just be with everyone else. I wanted to average 60 points and go into the NBA. I don’t like doing nothing just to do it.