New York rapper Nas is low-key turning into a social media tastemaker – or at least a selfie expert. Everyone’s favorite God’s Son has continued to quietly perfect his shot-taking skills.

Nasir Jones went to Instagram last night (August 18) with his latest low-key contribution.

ir Jones

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Over the past few weeks, Nas has fed his 4.3 million followers with more and more selfies.

🍷 i had to free some reds ..

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Good Morning ☀️ 😂😂

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This week, Nas raised eyebrows by sharing an in-studio pic of himself.

In July, Nas low-key revealed he has a new album on deck.

“It’s another album that I already had been working on before [the one with] Kanye,” he told Martinez. “Since I did this, I gotta do something that goes into another direction a little bit. I’m finishing up the next one.” Nas confirms he’s done work with Swizz Beatz and RZA (“I’m a big Wu-Tang fan”). He also acknowledged the six-year gap between 2012’s Life Is Good and this summer’s Nasir, promising the wait for his next album won’t be as long. “All the time that went by, it’s dope because now I get to do it from another level,” he said. “I get to make music from an older point of view.” (Billboard)