Rap veteran Nas has taken a stroll down memory lane. The hip-hop heavyweight has reflected on his past The Firm days with fellow group members Foxy Brown and AZ.

Nasir Jones went to Instagram Thursday (May 4) with some vintage pics.

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This week, Nas saluted DJ Khaled for paying homage to his legacy with a throwback framed portrait.

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Last month, Nas shared an epic throwback pic of himself.

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Days prior, Nas celebrated the 23rd anniversary of his debut album.

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Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Nas' seminal debut Illmatic. One year before the album dropped, photographer Chi Modu traveled to Queensbridge Houses to visit the 19-year-old MC (still known as “Nasty Nas”) in his element. The resulting photographs, intimate and visually poetic, offer a rare glimpse into the world of an artist on the brink of greatness. These strips, both pre-‘Illmatic,' were taken on two separate occasions. Modu took the photos on assignment for 'The Source,' where he was the photo editor at the time. A photo from this shoot would accompany the magazine's original 5-mic review of Nas' debut album, which was written by then intern @missinfo . "His intelligence screams to you,” says Modu. "What I mean by that is that Nas was super intelligent and a thinker. You sensed that when you walked into the room. Even when he was younger, he was mellow and wise. I was post college already and I knew this cat was smarter than me. He grew up fast in that world. To me, he was always an old soul and you can feel that in the images. A kid that grows up in Queensbridge at 18 or 19 is like a 30 year old.” 📸 ‪@chimodu‬ @contact.high.project #ContactHigh

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