New York rapper Nas knows just how badly the world wants to hear NASIR. God’s Son has stepped forward to acknowledge his long-awaited new LP is finally available worldwide.

Nasty Nas jumped on Instagram Saturday (June 16) and playfully referenced a viral meme about him not knowing how to upload NASIR to the Internet.

On Friday, high-profile comedian Chris Rock hilariously trolled Nas about making fans wait for his LP.

I need this album now.

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A few hours ago, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Mike Dean promised fans would soon receive Nas’ LP.

Thursday night, Nas admitted he had no words to describe working with NASIR executive producer Kanye West.

“I haven’t thought of a word yet for it,” Nas said when asked what it’s like to work with Kanye West. “I’ll come up with it soon. … I’m just happy to be here. God is the greatest. Just happy to be here. Doing what we do, it’s a hobby of mine to do rap. I’m just loving it.” (Big Boy TV)