New York rapper Nas‘ ex-wife Kelis wants the music industry’s full attention. The R&B veteran has penned an open message to record labels determined to help the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kelis x Music Biz

This week, Kells went to her Instagram page with a major solution. She suggested labels and platforms aim to come up with better deals for black entertainers.

“If the music industry wants to support black lives, labels and platforms can start with amending contracts, distributing royalties, diversifying boardrooms, and retroactively paying back all the black artists, and their families, they have built their empires on.” -Kelis’ Instagram

Erykah Badu + Azealia Banks

Fellow crooner Erykah Badu and hip-hop artist Azealia Banks shared the same message. The music pair went online to encourage the entertainment industry to make things better for his artists.

Wait, There’s More

Earlier this year, rap star Meek Mill exposed shady record label deals. The Maybach Music Group artist said some companies have black kids on ‘slave’ contracts.

“Wassup with all these DIFFERENT RACE men got all these young black kids in slave contracts in the music business? Come get wit us you need help fixing ya situation #DC X #ROCNATION it’s literally stealing now we found something we can get rich off!” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Before You Go

Back in March 2019, Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid encouraged musicians to go the independent route. He specifically called out record labels for not fully looking out for artists.