New York rapper Nas is back to clocking in serious friendship goals with Diddy. God’s Son has hit up social media to share a dope pic of himself alongside the hip-hop mogul.

Nasir Jones jumped on Instagram Sunday (June 24) with a pic of himself hanging out with Puffy and a few notable celebs like Jeezy.

Gcode x Nasir x Puff x Jeezy x BK Rube

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Nas reunited with Diddy on their NASIR collaboration “Not For Radio” song.

This week, Nas explained what it’s like working with NASIR executive producer Kanye West.

Earlier this month, Nas admitted he couldn’t quite explain what it’s like working with Kanye.

“I haven’t thought of a word yet for it,” Nas said when asked what it’s like to work with Kanye West. “I’ll come up with it soon. … I’m just happy to be here. God is the greatest. Just happy to be here. Doing what we do, it’s a hobby of mine to do rap. I’m just loving it.” (Big Boy TV)