New York rapper Nas‘ daughter is showing the world just how much she resembles her day one. Destiny Jones went online to share a shot of herself looking spot-on like her mom.

Destiny Twins

Jones went to Instagram last night with a shot of herself alongside Carmen Bryan. Destiny also saluted her with a Mother’s Day shout-out.

“Strong Women, Raise Strong Women! Happy Mother’s Day @carmenbryan💕 Love You!!!😘💋🎉” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Cali Vibes

In April 2020, Jones went to Instagram with a couple recent shots. The pics feature her flexing black queen magic in sunny Hollywood.

““We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.” —Elizabeth Gilbert” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Destiny flexes for Instagram on the streets of Hollywood

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Destiny went to her social media pages to plug a makeup tutorial. She also provided fans a link to her 11-minute clip.

“My Spring Makeup Tutorial is Up Now on my YouTube Channel!!! 🦋🌞🌷(Link In Bio) Subscribe And Leave A Comment Letting Me Know What Videos/Tutorials you wanna see next!!!” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Destiny has plugging her YouTube content

Before You Go

Days prior, the 25-year old went to her Instagram page to share a Top 5 list of things to do after the coronavirus crisis ends. Nas’ daughter named everything from hitting up art galleries and rollerskating to dining in Malibu, California.

“Making a list of all the things I took for granted that I will be taking advantage of in the future. 🌞🌴 1. Beach Days 2. Art galleries 3. Book stores 4. Roller skating 5. Lunches in Malibu I can’t wait!!! What’s on your list?!” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones names her post-coronavirus wish list