New York rapper Nas is celebrating longevity. The hip-hop veteran has acknowledged his Mass Appeal Records label reaching its five-year anniversary.

Last night, Nasir Jones went to Instagram to geek out over the growing label’s success.

In May 2014, Nas partnered up with music exec Peter Bittenbender to launch Mass Appeal.

Signing a number of new artists, Nas is also intending to use the label as a base when his contract with Def Jam expires later this year. In an email confirming the project, Nas wrote: “I’m excited to be a part of creating and supporting future careers and legacy artists, promoting love and finding new genius to help the world. I’m going to be as involved as I need to be, but I also want to be respectful of the art and give artists the space they need to grow and become themselves.” The Mass Appeal label will sit alongside the publication of the same name, which was launched last year after Nas and Bittenbender utilised $1.2 million in start up funds. (Clash Music)

Last year, the label secured a global distribution deal with Universal Music Group.

The lucrative deal enables Mass Appeal to promote projects–in more than 60 territories–from artists such as Nas, J Dilla, Run the Jewels, and DJ Shadow. “I’ve been blessed to work with two of the best brands in music, Nas said via press release. “Columbia Records was how I got my start and Def Jam was where I continued that journey. In my next chapter, I am proud to say that I am signing myself to myself. I look forward to releasing many projects in the very near future with Mass Appeal’s new global partnership with UMG.” (VIBE)

Over the past few years, Mass Appeal has kept busy with handfuls of major partnerships.

Mass Appeal started as a magazine in the 1990s, and expanded around 2013 to become a media company, creative agency, and record label under the stewardship of rapper Nas and CEO Peter Bittenbender. Since pivoting into brand work, Mass Appeal has created campaigns and content for the likes of Google, HBO, Soundcloud, and Under Armour–and will now be tasked with shaping the image of the definitive museum for hip-hop. (Fast Company)