Rap veteran Nas has spoken – sorta. The hip-hop veteran’s alleged manager Anthony Saleh has put a lid on the growing drama surrounding NBA rookie Lonzo Ball.

Saleh went to social media this week to put his two cents on Lonzo throwing shade at Nasty Nas.

T.I. also joined the ranks of the angry Twitter mob, as did Anthony Saleh, the music industry veteran who represents both Nas and Future. According to Saleh, Nas has never even heard of Lonzo Ball. (HNHH)

This week, former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady checked Lonzo for questioning Nas’ relevance.

Over the last 48 hours, rappers T.I. and Lil B let loose on Lonzo Ball for ripping Nas.

Heading into the weekend, Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport went savage mode on Lonzo.

“Lonzo Ball, you funny-looking motherf*cker you. You said that Nas ain’t hip-hop? My man, you grew up in Chino Hills. What the f*ck do you know about hip-hop?! That’s that Big Baller Brand bullsh*t. Putting out $495 sneakers for the culture and then talking about Nas ain’t hip-hop? You’re the type of motherf*cker that’s going to be famous for the next 20 years and we’re never going to see you with a chick. You’re the type of motherf*cker who thinks Malibu’s Most Wanted and White Chicks are gangster films. ‘Nas ain’t hip-hop.’ This is coming from the business mind of a motherf*cker who makes his own sneakers but then doesn’t wear them when everybody’s watching. I get it, you’re young, dumb and full of c*m. But when you go to your first playoff game listening to that mumble rap sh*t rocking a purse, I don’t want everybody to freak out.”

Lonzo Ball said Nas ain't HipHop! #SuckaShit

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