New York rapper Nas is putting big respect on Dave Chappelle‘s name. The hip-hop veteran has completely co-signed the Netflix star’s new “Sticks & Stones” stand-up special.

On Sunday, Nasir Jones went to Instagram and gave Chappelle huge G.O.A.T. credentials.

On Wednesday, comedian Lil Duval explained the importance of watching Chappelle’s edgy and thought-provoking new stand-up release.

West Coast radio host Big Boy has also co-signed Chappelle’s new special.

Some critics feel Chappelle spent ample time and attention defending controversial celebrities.

In his fifth Netflix special, titled Sticks & Stones, Chappelle rails against the perceived softness of many different groups: Louis C.K.’s victims, Kevin Hart’s detractors in the gay community, and Michael Jackson’s survivors, whom he says he doesn’t believe anyway. Chappelle also directs his exasperation at his own audience, or at least the kinds of viewers who aren’t interested in supporting artists and celebrities responsible for horrendous things.  (SLATE)

Earlier this week, Chappelle and Netflix surprised fans with the unexpected release.