New York rapper Nas‘ daughter knows she’s only hours away from turning 26. The hip-hop star’s mini-me Destiny Jones has lit up social media with some pure black girl magic on the verge of her birthday.

Destiny x B-Day

Miss Jones went to her Instagram page this weekend with pics of herself and footage of California. The 25-year-old also acknowledged she’s soaking in birthday weekend vibes from home.

“Poetic Destiny. 🌴” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

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Poetic Destiny. 🌴

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Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones

High-Key Details

In May 2020, Destiny Jones went to Instagram to show off her style with a shot of herself outside. In the pic, she rocked an all-blue everything outfit flexing black girl magic in Manhattan Beach, California.

“Walkin On Sunshine 🌞” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones shows off her style

Wait, There’s More

A few days prior, Miss Jones hit up Instagram to share some deep thoughts. Destiny posted a selfie of herself dishing out advice to self-proclaimed bosses in 2020.

“Bosses don’t wait for someone to change the rules, they write them. πŸ–Š” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Destiny Jones bosses up

Before You Go

Earlier this year, Jones went to Instagram with some new pics. The shots featured Destiny Jones rocking an official face mask of her dad Nas in Santa Monica, California.

“β€œNo Bad Energy” 🌴” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

Destiny Jones in Dad Nas’ face mask