New York rapper Mysonne is focused on making sure the future generations are secured and woke with the legal system. The hip-hop veteran has shared looks at kids embracing his newly released “I Know My Rights” centered on teaching children their Bill of Rights.

Mysonne x Kids

Over the past few days, My has lit up social media with pics of children holding onto his book. The Bronx native also dished on the importance of kids knowing their rights as Americans.

“Our Kids are Learning their rights and In these times its Imperative!!Reposted from @mcbride_stories Knowledge is Power! @mysonnenygeneral children’s book available in paperback and kindle. This Young King will know his rights! Thank you @mjs_world_nyc #mcbridestories #weneeddiversebooks #mysonnenygeneral #billofrights#GangstaButWokeAsF*ck – #regrann” -Mysonne’s Instagram

High-Key Details

In late June 2020, Mysonne put together an event for kids to lead a peaceful New York protest. He focused the attention on children having their voices heard.

“Meet Us In at Mullaly Park Today at 11 as The Kids Lead US in A Rally !! We will be Making Signs and Marching!! Bring your Kids Empower them and Let their voices be heard!!” -Mysonne’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Back in early May 2020, Mysonne spoke on putting together the new book and why he aimed at getting it into children’s hands.

Before You Go

The New York rapper is known for taking a stand against injustice. A few months ago, Mysonne publicly called out the NYPD for appearing to intentionally target African Americans during a coronavirus-related run-in.

“” WHAT YOU FLEXING FOR ? ” THIS WAS IN MANHATTAN ON E 9th st today!! Police have a added level of Abuse now that were in a Pandemic!! The level of aggression that I am seeing from the police now has doubled!! This is just unacceptable!! Its Criminal!! These officer are not professional, they are Egotistical punks who are using badges to act like Buliies!! Somebody please gets this officers Name and badge # we need him brought up on charges Now!! Sad .. No gloves , No masks smacking and sitting on a man’s head because you didn’t like that he spoke up …This shut is out of hand. THIS ISNT A POLICE OFFICER HES A REGULAR STREET THUG WITH A BADGE! #iworkforthepeople#Godswork#martiallaw” -Mysonne’s Instagram