New York rapper Mysonne needs Kanye West to do him the ultimate solid. The hip-hop veteran has encouraged fans to hit up Yeezy in an effort to save Rodney Reed‘s life.

On Monday, Mysonne went to Instagram to name-drop West and reference his publicized support of President Donald Trump.

Coincidentally, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian has showed support for Reed across social media.

Over the past few days, various high-profile celebrities have voiced their support for Reed.

According to reports, Reed has remained in prison for over 20 years and just recently someone allegedly confessed to doing the crime he’s been convicted for.

Less than a month before Rodney Reed is set to be executed in Texas, a former prison inmate claims someone else confessed to the murder that sent Reed to prison. Reed has spent more than 21 years on death row for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas. Police say Reed assaulted, raped and strangled Stites, but he insists he’s innocent. He is set to be executed on November 20.Former inmate Arthur Snow Jr. filed an affidavit in court earlier this week saying Stites’ fiancé, Jimmy Fennell, confessed to the murder years ago. (CNN)

Over the past few weeks, people have rallied support to have Reed receive a stay of execution.

Family and supporters of death row inmate Rodney Reed are continuing to push for a reprieve with his execution planned to take place in less than three weeks. A petition urging the execution be stopped and all new evidence in the case be presented to a jury has also recently gained more than 100,000 signatures. Nearly 100 supporters gathered outside the Capitol building in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, November 2, to urge Governor Greg Abbott to show clemency for the man they believe to be innocent. (Newsweek)