New York rapper Mysonne is out here clocking in major trolling goals. The hip-hop veteran has targeted Tekashi 6ix9ine as his publicized drug trafficking trial heats up.

On Wednesday, Mysonne went to Instagram and didn’t hold back on making fun of 6ix9ine working with federal prosecutors.

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This week, rap star Meek Mill went to Twitter and didn’t hold back on roasting Tek for testifying.

6ix9ine appeared in court yesterday to testify against two alleged New York City street gang members as part of an agreement with the feds.

One of the defendants, Anthony Ellison, is accused of kidnapping and robbing 6ix9ine last year after a falling-out. Ellison denies the charges. 6ix9ine admitted in a guilty plea this year that he joined the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and helped try to kill a rival gang member. With the plea deal, 6ix9ine can gain leniency at sentencing from what otherwise would have been a mandatory minimum 47 years in prison if he admits all crimes and testifies truthfully when summoned. (USA Today)

In a recent interview, New York rapper 50 Cent said he believed Tek could return to the spotlight once he gets out of jail but wouldn’t be able to rap about the same content.

“I did tell him not to go to Chicago. They did it anyway but they did it to make fun instead of going out there like that,” Fif said referring to 6ix9ine previously going to Chi-Town to flex his muscle during a feud with rappers like Chief Keef. “I never seen that before. While he’s doing what he’s doing, he’s not actually living the cause of the actual lifestyle. What they identify with is him, they pardon him because he would like to be away from the lifestyle. I don’t think he knows – it’s going to be hard to make the right record because what do you say? All the stuff he was saying, he can’t say. If he made a record from wherever he sat down at, because he doesn’t have to come out to do it. If he made the record, I believe the audience will play it.” (Hot 97)