New York rapper Mysonne knows how much greatness was taken from us with the death of Nipsey Hussle. The Big Apple native has shared deep words on recently losing the West Coast legend to gun violence.

Mysonne went to Instagram Monday to share a comparison between Nipsey and music icon JAY-Z.

Over the weekend, Mysonne shared footage of JAY-Z approaching him during last Friday’s Webster Hall concert.

This past weekend, footage and pics scattered the Internet showing a Hussle mural receiving the ultimate disrespect.

The incident apparently occurred Saturday, when an unidentified woman was filmed by several people on their cell phones while spray painting cherries and other images over the mural. Several people can be seen in the video holding up their phones to capture the incident; one woman is heard in the video repeatedly telling the woman vandalizing the mural: “Not his face! Just don’t do his face!” (Courant)

West Coast rapper Game went to Instagram Friday to admit the hardest part of Nipsey’s death is accepting he’s gone.

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Wayyyyyy too soon… & I fully understand the reality of what happened to bro, it’s the accepting part of it all that I have not been able to deal with. It’s not only me cause I talked to a lot of close friends & family and everybody feels exactly the same. It’s one thing to carry on your mission, memory & legacy…. but it’s an entire different energy attached to the “Nip actually being gone forever” part that just will not settle. These pictures I post everyday, the murals going up around the world, your music blaring out of every car that passes & the RIP hashtags just do not seem like they should be attached to your name this early in life. It’s krazy, cause when I watch videos & hear yo voice, it seems like something you just recorded & posted on your page like usual. I see pictures of you & others and in my mind it’s like “yep, my nigga out here gettin to it”… & all I can seem to do after the realization of what we’re really dealing with sets back in, all I can do is shake my head. Shake my head at the nigga(s) who played part in your passing…. shake my head at the city you gave so much of your heart to failing you… & shake my head just at the simple fact that two babies father was taken from them prematurely over nothing. You deserved better bro !!! You were worth a lot more than most understood until 3 1/2 weeks ago. Everyone that knew you & got to spend real time with you knows 100% of what I’m saying to be true. You were one of the good guys through & through. A pure heart… a gentle soul… a true king of & for the people……. Gone, wayyyyy too soon. These posts won’t stop. This won’t fade. The love & friendship will carry on here. Hate it or love it #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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