New York rapper Mysonne has updated fans on a peaceful protest to get heat restored to a Brooklyn detention center. The hip-hop artist went to social media to break the news to fans.

On Sunday, Mysonne announced his publicized occupancy outside of the federal prison ultimately helped push for heat being restored before next week.

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This week, New York rapper Cardi B encouraged people to come through and protest heat getting restored outside the building.

Earlier in the week, New York rapper Mysonne had kept fans updated on the occupancy.

According to reports, the federal Brooklyn jail had not had heat since last weekend due to a power outage.

The New York Times reports that several federal public defenders and leaders of the union representing the jailโ€™s corrections officers told the publication of the jailโ€™s current conditions. The Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, houses more than 1,600 inmates. Sources told the times the inmates had been stuck in freezing cells for days now. โ€œThey just stay huddled up in the bed,โ€ June Bencebi, case manager at the jail, told the Times. (The Hill)