[With her new Smoove Jones EP finally out, R&B singer Mya tells SOHH readers the motivation behind putting out an accompanying 2016 calendar.]

I play a lot and I have friends who are photographers in different states and if I see a fly object after a show, I say, “Hey, I’ll sit in this chair. Take a picture!” Sometimes that becomes artwork for flyers, artwork for singles, artwork for album covers.

So my friend was playing one day, an amazing photographer, and she did a lot of the calendar in addition to a new photographer I worked with in Arizona.

All of the images you see are a collection of the times we got together and played.

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to put a calendar out with an album but those images are from two years ago and maybe two of them are recent. They’ve been sitting like a lot of my music and I’m always creating.

I’m already onto other projects. I have this archive of hundreds and hundreds of songs. I just put them out during the in-between time, before the masterpiece, people can have something. Calendars, DVDs, EPs, whatever it is.

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