[With "Empire” coming down to its final two episodes of season 2, R&B singer Mya talks to SOHH and compares the hit Fox series to real-life music biz politics.]

Everything comes down to paper and even with paper you can’t trust people. They try to do something that’s not on the contract and breach and then goes all of your hard work for two years.

You try to protect yourself and your investment in time and vision and ideas of life and of your money. You try to protect all of your hustle, whether legal or illegal, that it took to invest for your vision in life.

There will be criticism regardless. But if there’s any slipups or a whole or gap, missing link, be prepared for it to fall down and come crashing down in front of everybody.

The pressure is on when you’re in the shoes of Cookie or any artist whose name is attached to anything because it can be very embarrassing when you see who is attached to these expectations. Is it a corporate situation that’s putting millions of dollars behind you? Are you going to get dropped? Are you going to be an embarrassment to your family, friends and the public? There’s a lot of emotional things attached to that.

But when it’s on a corporate scale, you have to take these things serious and these artists out here who do not have a clue, you have to teach them too and be very hard because this is not to be played with when you’re talking about your hard-earned grind and the faith of somebody as well and the boss/artist side of things.

It’s about that paperwork. That’s the most gangsta stuff ever. That pen. That paper. That will have your a** in court! I ‘do’ know about that. There’s litigations and stuff like that if it’s not on that paper.

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