[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After New York rapper Danny Matos decoded his personal "Let Go” banger, R&B veteran Mya breaks down the science behind her "Team You” anthem.]

I work with several people in Los Angeles and a group in New Jersey called The HitList. They’re songwriters and they also do production as well.

We got together about a year and a half ago and started working and “Welcome To My World” was the first compilation that we did and I worked on other stuff.

The HitList’s Fred actually started that concept of “Team You” and then I heard it and loved it. It’s so now, it’s very 90’s with the music but it has very contemporary lines and has melodies.

So I added my writing to it and completed the song with him. That’s how “Team You” was born. We live in a world where everybody is hard, from girls to guys, and we keep poppin’ that swag out of our mouths. It’s very 90’s and you got that from the SWV’s where it was OK to voice your affection and your love for somebody. So I wanted to take it back.

The thing about “Team You” is I’m getting it, I’m an independent woman and you’re getting it, you’re an independent man. I’m holding you down during this process and I know now is maybe not the time and I understand that even though we’re not together, I’m Team You. It’s not because I want to lock you down right now but I’m just letting you know you are that one and all these dudes out here, that are trying, they can’t compare to you.

I’ve already made that decision and when that time comes, understand now I’m Team You for the future. That’s kind of what that song means because we’re both here for each other.

It’s about finding that one and maybe it not being the time for that someone right now. But in the future, it’s on and I’m holding it down in the process.

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