[With her new “Smoove Jones” EP finally available, R&B singer Mya talks to SOHH about what inspired the sultry audio offering.]

I stay in the studio, literally, sometimes I’m there for days straight just creating. That’s something I try to do as a songwriter and producer. This project is material that’s been collected over the last three years of recording.

Because I’m working on other projects I thought, “Well, since I have a body of work that’s pretty grown and sexy, what I’m working on right now doesn’t quite fit in that realm, so,” those are the songs that birthed Smoove Jones.

Those are the older, more adult, R&B-rooted music. I thought the selections that I made would go good as a treat for my fans on February 14. That’s become a popular date in getting them treats.

It’s an appreciation date and reflective of my first single release, “It’s All About Me” featuring Sisqó. That’s how Smoove Jones was birthed.

I didn’t have the title when I started recording all of this stuff, I just was in a place of wanting to write from my soul. These days are about playing around in the studio and experimenting. That’s kind of how it happened. Smoove Jones came to me as a concept. I’ve been doing grown and sexy EPs for the last four EPs but the title was birthed through the picture from a photo shoot I did in 2015 and the vibe of it.

I love the 70’s, I love black power, black love as well as temptress vibes and the coolness of how people relayed messages of love. The Isley Brothers were triple OGs to me and you see their influence in R. Kelly. Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, there was a lot happening socially but as far as love, that was a time of real love to me and because my fans had requested real R&B, real songs, positivity because when they turn on the radio they’re not getting that these days, here you go. I’m only giving what my fans have requested of me and that’s kind of how Smoove Jones was birthed and delivered from me.

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