R&B diva Mya has publicly revealed her issues with G-Unit head 50 Cent years after he took a swipe at her on a diss track.

When approached by Fif’s This Is 50 for an on-site interview, Mya let loose on her problems with the rap star and said he needed to apologize.

“Oh, no, no, no. We can’t do that,” Mya said after learning a reporter from This Is 50 wanted to interview her. “He dissed me and I don’t support that. He needs to say that to the public ’cause people don’t lie on their d*cks, okay?” (This Is 50)

Back in 2005, 50 claimed he had sex with the R&B hottie on a diss track directed at former G-Unit member Game called “Not Rich, Still Lyin’.”

“I brought the west back I write the best raps /(But what about Snoop?) Snoop shit ain’t all that /And I get baddest bitches man I even fucked Mya /(I f*cked her 1st Game) 50 you a liar /See that’s why I hate you; you think you know me /I’ma tell everybody you shot my homie /Hope the police get you and you go to jail /Feds fix your account so you can’t make bail” (“Not Rich, Still Lyin'”)

A year later, the music diva denied ever having any sexual relationships with 50 or Game.

“Yes, it’s not true. 50 and I never dated, never cuddled, never did anything, period, despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me,” Mya said. “At the end of the day I laugh because I’ve been linked to Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Wyclef, Sisqo, Game and Damon Dash. I’m like ohhhk, let me see pictures, let me see the sex tape.” (Real Talk NY)

In 2009, Mya cleared up rumors about possibly dating Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane.

“That was a rumor as well that I had to laugh at,” Mya told DJ Whoo Kid. “No diss, but the way people turn things around. I’d taken a photo with him at a club and I went to say bye, my manager was present and I went to say by to Gucci and I said something in his ear but I had to get closer because the club music was so loud, they caught me in the wrong pose looking like we had just finished kissing or that we were kissing. The photograph was not big enough for you to see the real deal. And the rumor started that Mya was dating Gucci Mane which is so not true. I did cut four songs with him in Atlanta for his mixtape and upcoming album…They say ‘Gucci comes home to Mya fresh outta jail.’ Are you serious? You have to expect these things to happen. You have to laugh at it otherwise it really pisses you off.” (Radio Planet TV)

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