R&B singer Mya isn’t about selling out or doing bogus romance rumors in an effort to sell a few extra albums. The veteran crooner has stepped forward to speak up on dealing with dating in a social media-dominated industry.

In a new Hot 97 radio interview, Mya explained her motivation behind always keeping her relationships extra low-key.

“You have to understand your intention. My intention has always been love and connection with a person beyond anything else. I’ve been so private because I didn’t want it to make or break me because I didn’t want it to be a public stunt. I’ve really fired a lot of managers that had that mindset or publicists that had that mindset of, ‘Oh, you need to go on a date with this person because it’s going to help album sales.’ No thank-you. That’s not my flow. I don’t like it. I understand it from that perspective. … I am single. Focused. Celibate.” (Hot 97)

In 2014, Mya went to social media to kill a JAY-Z romance rumor.

Back in 2005, rap star 50 Cent claimed he had sex with the R&B hottie on the song “Not Rich, Still Lyin’.”

“I brought the west back I write the best raps /(But what about Snoop?) Snoop shit ain’t all that /And I get baddest bitches man I even f*cked Mya /(I f*cked her 1st Game) 50 you a liar /See that’s why I hate you; you think you know me /I’ma tell everybody you shot my homie /Hope the police get you and you go to jail /Feds fix your account so you can’t make bail” (“Not Rich, Still Lyin'”)

A year later, the music diva denied ever having any sexual relationships with 50 or former G-Unit member Game.

“Yes, it’s not true. 50 and I never dated, never cuddled, never did anything, period, despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me,” Mya said. “At the end of the day I laugh because I’ve been linked to Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Wyclef, Sisqo, Game and Damon Dash. I’m like ohhhk, let me see pictures, let me see the sex tape.” (Real Talk NY)