[After recently detailing how MusicPromoToday has turned into an elite digital marketing brand, the company CEO and co-founder Raffi Keuhnelian tells SOHH how they approach working new talent.]

MusicPromoToday has a very selective process when it comes to working with artists, we like to work with artists with talent and who are ready to become a true brand. Our business has grown in the past 10 years, it went from working with a couple of artists and bands, to working with Grammy award winning artists and record labels.

In terms of working with a music artist, we definitely inquire about each of our clients, go through a background check and have as much information as possible on their career and their goals.



I would say 85% of our clients come from the United States and the rest are mainly from Europe. We would like to grow our business in 2016, take our business strategy to Latin America and Asia. There is a a huge market in both regions and with the growth of everything digital, we believe our expertise will be well received in both Latin America and Japan.

MusicPromoToday is a leader in the digital music marketing scene. We want to continue building the careers and the creative campaigns of artists and build them a strong brand.



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