Why would anyone want to sign Ma$e? Isn’t he over? I mean, DipSet has Harlem World locked down in a smash. Anything associated with Dipset is bound to blow.

So I hear that 50 and Jay-Z are both trying to sign Ma$e. Last I read Ma$e is backsliding towards signing to G-Unit.

“It’s basically in the works, he’s definitely gonna be down with us soon. It’s just [a matter of] paperwork.” – DJ Whoo Kid

So why would Ma$e sign to G-Unit over Roc-A-Fella? Let’s see.

First there are the endless marketing possibilities. For example, the G in G-Unit could stand for God. Ma$e could say ‘G-G-G-G-G-G-O-D!’ Also, under The Yellow Man Administration Act section XXL, Ma$e is guaranteed a cover.

Signing to G-Unit is also a form of self preservation. On Bad Boy the rappers were dying (B.I.G.), leaving (Craig Mack, Shiny Suit Mase, The Lox) or getting long-term sentences (Shyne). On G-Unit the worse that will could is to Ma$e is that he’ll either get shot at or pretend to shoot someone for publicity. As a bonus part of the package, G-Unit employs the best off-duty police officers money can buy. Surrounded by all those boys in blue not even the devil can get to Ma$e.

As of now, Def Jam’s track record is terrible. Say what you will but it’s been wack since Murder Inc. left the building. What happened to Joe “Streets #1 Draft Pick” Buddens? Shyne Po? Juelz Santana? Horrible! And Roc-A-Fella is proving to be just as bad with Memphis “1 Hit Away” Bleek, Young Gunz and Mini-Ashanti. As we approach the 4th quarter, it’s looking like Coach Carter should un-bench himself and start putting up some numbers.

Finally, Ma$e should not sign under a president that has no love for Harlem and tried to body his career. Jay’s not trying to see Harlem on the rise. He’s got problem with these guys: Cam, Jim Jones, Dame, BIG, Big L, Meeno (Career R.I.P.). Looks like the peaceful co-existence between Brooklyn and Harlem will never happen.

Dayum! I guess Ma$e signing with G-Unit is not such a bad idea after all.