[After building a name for himself in the battle rap scene and raising eyebrows at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards show, New York rap veteran Murda Mook talks to SOHH about collaborations, Snoop Dogg and social media.]

I choose collaborations based on whether I like them. If I like the artist, I’ll reach out. My discretion is really contingent upon that, it’s about if I think you’re dope or not. If I think you’re dope and you want to collaborate with me or if you hit me up and I’m digging you, we’ll get it done. There’s nothing to it. It’s not too crazy.

Me and Snoop Dogg had something going on. We had a situation for the BET Hip-Hop Awards. It’s Murda Mook and Snoop Dogg and we were presenting a battle.

Snoop had been putting it on his Instagram page. We were putting on a battle for the whole event. We were going to try to make it an annual thing. We just did a record but it hasn’t come out yet. I’m getting ready to hit people with that. Snoop is definitely one of the godfathers. He’s the uncle right there.

The whole battle hook-up really came about from him hitting me up on Twitter. This social media thing is no joke. If you want to find somebody, you just look them up on Twitter. He hit me up on Twitter and told me to send him over my info and I did.

He ended up calling me and we chopped it up like real n*ggas. We’ve gone from there and we’ve been communicating just about everyday, throwing different ideas out there and ways of doing what we do.