Pop star Justin Bieber is taking a cue from hip-hop heavyweights Kanye West and Eminem by linking up with Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin.

A new pic of Biebs and Rubin together has landed online this week.

Yes … the iconic producer is working with the Biebs on his upcoming album (Fun Fact: in between run-ins with police, Justin Bieber makes music). According to our sources, the two got together in the studio Tuesday night for their first session and JB posted a photo of them on his Shots page with the caption, “With the man Rick.” (TMZ)

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Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun also tossed up a pic of them together onto Instagram.

Working on some history! @justinbieber via @shots – Rick and JB

A photo posted by Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) on

Last summer, Rubin talked about rap star Eminem’s greatness going well beyond what he did on the microphone.

“Maybe the best rapper of any emcee. He may be the best,” Rubin said referring to Eminem. “He’s very hyper-critical of detail. And hears the music in a very deep way. And hears internal rhythms in tracks. And writes words to work on so many different levels rhythmically within what’s going on musically. To where if we change a little thing in the track to better the track it might not work in his mind how it relates to what he’s saying and how he’s phrasing. His phrasing is so glued to the music and written that way.” (BBC Radio 1)

While Em touched on topics mostly surrounding his Marshall Mathers LP 2 album, Slim Shady delved into working with the mega mogul a couple years ago.

“I’ve always been a fan of Rick. My manager Paul [Rosenberg] had been talking to him and Rick had expressed that he had interest in working with me. When Paul brought it to my attention, I was like super excited, just honored at the fact that he was even thinking about it. I had my reservations just because I felt like, I’m a super fan of Rick, so I’d probably be a little nervous. I don’t know what the vibe would be just because I would be wanting to impress him, so it was very much kind of like the feeling I got early on with [Dr.] Dre. I hadn’t met him [before this]. I’d never had met him. I was nervous to meet him and even more nervous to work with him.” (BBC Radio 1)