Former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon “Dame” Dash and longtime pal Cam’ron have reportedly teamed back up to launch a new restaurant in New York. #KillaDame

Dame has hinted at the unexpected power move via his Instagram page.

Hip hop mogul Damon Dash — who is best known for co-founding the record label Roc-a-Fella records — and rapper Cam’ron are opening a restaurant in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. According to Instagram photos of the spot posted to Dash’s account, the restaurant will be called Dish and will serve a Mediterranean menu. Attached to the restaurant will be a lounge called Dash. (Eater)

Recently, Dame reacted to Cam nearly getting set up in an overseas concert incident.

“Me and Cam are having fun making music and laughing at everybody,” Dame said in an interview. “That sh*t that happened in London, Cam is just the coolest because he took a situation that could have been compromising and he figured it out with no bodyguards and it wasn’t his fault. The sad thing about it is if he was there, it would have been publicly all over the world, black people beating up black people. So I don’t know what the f*ck’s going on. I’ve heard things. I don’t know who those kids are, who those dudes are – but whatever it is, it should be squashed.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Killa Cam jumped onto his Instagram page earlier this month to explain what went down.

“So n*ggas brought 50 n*ggas to da show to jump London? And rush da stage?!.. But me and juju was doing this..???????????????????????????? ????????????????Lol sucka a** n*ggas.. ????????????????????????????50 n*ggas tho? For lil ol me.. I’m glad y’all know dats da minimum y’all better come wit..Lol.. Sorry to all my fans dat came to da show but as u can see they tried to line me up. And only da barber lines me up.. They had 15 n*ggas in front of da stage (that rushed the stage) and 35 n*ggas outside.. ” (Cam’ron’s Instagram)

Back in December, a clip of Dame putting Killa Cam up on retail-based app, Fancy, emerged.

Rap moguls and startups collide once again in this new commercial for Fancy, a Pinterest competitor. The ad, a low budget affair that shows Damon Dash introducing Fancy to Cam’ron as a way to sell $450 jerseys, debuted yesterday on WorldStarHipHop–an atypical launching pad for tech marketing–and has already been viewed almost 4 million times. Like Pinterest, Fancy is a photo-sharing website and app, except that Fancy is more focused on selling the items in the pictures. The New York-based company, which used to be called The Fancy, is best known for its celebrity connections–like Ashton Kutcher, Nas, and Kanye West–as well the company’s willingness to try different ways of making money. (Valley Wag)