Former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon “Dame” Dash recently offered his take on protégé Kanye West and explained why he is upset with him for not looking out for a mutual friend. #singledout

In Dame’s opinion, Mr. West should feel a responsibility for reaching out to jailed ex-Roc owner Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

“I’m a little tight with Kanye because he hasn’t reached out to Biggs,” Dame revealed in an interview. “I don’t like that sh*t. So, Kanye holla at me. I don’t like that. It’s terrible. Biggs was the one that really was like ‘Yo Dame, pay attention to what Kanye’s doing. Make sure you send him that music.’ … No one’s reaching back. Certain n*gga have. And that’s why I’m not calling everybody up, but Kanye hasn’t. And he hasn’t checked on his kid. He hasn’t checked on his family. No trial, none of that. And the sh*t I’m hearing him complain about is irrelevant. Based on the fact that he doesn’t look back to the people that helped him – I gotta have a conversation with him.” (Shade 45)

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Although Dash did not name-drop anyone, he admitted handfuls of Biggs’ comrades needed to look out for him last April.

“He’s doing time and he’s doing it like a gentleman. I’m not too satisfied with the support of other people that he’s looked out for over the years,” Dame said in an interview. “I’m not happy with that. … He’s going to do his time like a man, he’s not going to tell on anybody, he’s not going to complain and that’s what he’s doing. … We talk every day, we send pictures but I’m just really disappointed in the core of people. … To anybody that’s doing all right that Biggs’ help, if they’re not volunteering to look out for him, then they’re dark and they’re evil and that’s foul and that’s definitely not Harlem.” (RapFix)

Dame also discussed putting together his “Free Biggs” clothing line to help get the Roc co-founder through his stint.

“They can get it from and that’s it right there,” Dash added when asked where fans could purchase “FREE BIGGS” clothing. “The proceeds go to Biggs. If you ever buy something, I got your e-mail, he knows who bought it and he knows who didn’t buy it.” (RapFix)

The troubled rap executive received a five-year jail sentence in June 2012.

AN EX-PAL of rapper Jay-Z was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana. Kareem (Biggs) Burke, 38, was snared in a federal drug sting called “Operation Green Venom,” which targeted a trafficking ring that controlled most of the wholesale pot market in the city. More than 50 people were arrested. (New York Daily News)