The Wu-Tang Clan is expanding into the alcoholic beverage industry. The iconic rap group reportedly has a new line of vodka on the verge of coming out.

According to reports, the Wu’s new liquor line will arrive next month exclusively in Australia.

The group from Staten Island launched the Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liqueurs range in Australia in 2017. Wu-Tang Clan Vodka will be launched in Sydney on 18 April to coincide with the influential group’s 25th anniversary. The band’s vodka will join its range of liqueurs, which includes a strawberry, butterscotch and cream liqueur expression. Upon its release, Wu-Tang Clan Vodka will also remain exclusive to the Australian market. (The Spirits Business)

Over the past few years, high-profile celebs like Diddy and JAY-Z have made a name for themselves with the successful alcoholic beverage launches.

Celebrities love launching liquor brands. George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, and Diddy have their own tequila (and mezcal) brands. In less than two months, the Backstreet Boys teased their own tequila, Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in Aviation Gin, and Bon Jovi and his son launched their own rosé. On the hip hop front, joining artists like Diddy, Ludacris, and 50 Cent is the Wu-Tang Clan, which will be launching its own vodka next month. (Vine Pair)

In mid-December, rap star Drake linked up with a few key Wu members.


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